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    Shaun King, The North Star

    (Not) The New Yorker Cover, February 4 2019 Shaun King, activist and journalist, is relaunching The North Star, an abolitionist newspaper that was published by Frederick Douglass in 1847. Shaun has been working diligently to expose human rights abuses, especially against people of color, often being the first to ‘break the news’ and to work for justice. My cover is a take on the first New Yorker cover published, which features an upper class white man gazing upon a butterfly. With this version, Mr. King has turned the gaze to the viewer, bringing an examining eye to the scene. Behind him is a league of butterflies in shades of brown.

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    (not) The New Yorker Covers

    One night I was high on the cannabis and I drew a picture of square fish with human faces, under the sea. With a leaping dolphin. And a sunny sun. I had a blast making it, but man, it was pretty bad. So I decided to take a pic of the drawing, pull it into Photoshop, and add “The New Yorker” to the top to prove that any art looks great if you just make it a New Yorker cover. I continued with that flow, and made a few more “covers” but with more of an effort. Not too much more! So here, my friend, is my portfolio of New…

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    Rope Bowls

    Let it be known that 2018 was the Year of the Rope Bowl. At least in my house, where I absolutely fell in love with making adorable little personalized gifts out of inexpensive clothesline and paper & fabric scraps. I found a few videos on YouTube to help guide me, but other than a few basic skills, you really don’t need much to get started. Rope – look for 50 to 100 yds of cotton clothesline Sewing machine with heavy duty needle and zig- zag stitch Fabric or paper scrap The first step is to create a little spiral with your rope. This takes a little practice, but you’ll get…