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Running in Bangkok at Chatachak Park

Beat the heat with a run in the park!

In a crowded, hot city with a population of over 8 million people you may think your running options are limited.  But there are a few green spaces where you can escape the busy streets and congested sidewalks to enjoy a few miles (or more!) of uninterrupted running.

The Chatachak Park is one of the oldest parks in the city, and proves to be one of the most beautiful for running.  It’s expanse of paved paths weave past small lakes and streams, and provide a great view of skyscrapers while remaining quiet and serene.

look for monitor lizards in the stream

The park is at the Mo Chit Sky Train stop, next to the famous Chatachak market. It’s easily accessible by any means of transportation in the city.

The park is large enough to put in a decent amount of miles, but small enough to not lose your bearings.  There are location markers throughout the park, and rangers who are happy to help if you get lost. Or attacked by a squirrel that takes your candies!

watch your neck too!

The restrooms are plentiful and very clean, and have outdoor sinks that provide a great cool-down if you need a splash. Vendors sell icy cold water for less than a dollar, so you really don’t have to carry water if you’d like to run lightly. The park is a popular place for locals, but definitely not as crowded as Lumphini.

beautiful stone walkway over the stream

The best benefit to running in Chatachak is the access to the amazing food at the market just a few blocks away.  We hit up a local stand for a post-run breakfast.

phil filling up

You’ll see a lot of vendors with an array of prepared foods and a set price for how many items you’d like over your bowl of rice.  I chose a fish curry and sweet boiled eggs.  The price was 45 Baht or $1.40 USD.

perfect recovery meal

Enjoy your run at Chatachak Park, and please let me know if you enjoyed it as much as we did!

our 5 mile route

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