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    Your Guide to Vietnamese Coffee

    Vietnam is fueled by coffee. And it’s not just the roast that delivers a great coffee experience here, it’s the setting you’re in and the people who surround you that create memories. I’ve had the pleasure of drinking it in just about every corner of this lovely country. I’ve sat alone in front of a fire in the pre-dawn chill of a Hmong homestay in the Ta Van valley near Sa Pa, waiting patiently for the drip drip of the coffee to stop so I could enjoy my first cup of the day. I’ve been handed an icy cold milk coffee from a boat vendor at sunrise on the Bassac…

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    Wild Mushroom Toast Recipe

    “If you don’t see any mushrooms, just stop, stand still, and look.” I remembered this advice from an experienced forager as I brushed off the frustration of an empty-handed foray into a patch of woods in Hinesburg, Vermont with Phil last week. I took a pause, softened my gaze, and looked around the forest floor. Almost immediately a log, lush with fresh pear-shaped puffballs, appeared before my eyes. I bent down and pinched one to check its freshness. Yes, perfect. Just then, Phil called out from across the trail to let me know he found a Lion’s Mane — an elusive mushroom that has the texture and flavor of seafood,…

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    Running in Hanoi Vietnam

    I made my first trip to Vietnam in 2015 as a solo traveler. I landed in Hanoi, completely jetlagged, invigorated, and ready to take in the magic that Anthony Bourdain promised I’d experience in this rich, sultry city. It delivered. Hanoi will look chaotic to you, but as you enter its soupy dance of humanity you’ll see that it works just fine for the 7.5 million folks who call it home. There’s a flow and heartbeat to life there, and when you surrender and join in, your time there will become much easier than if you try to fight upstream. The best way to get a good, safe run in…

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    Chickpea Dumpling Curry

    This is a fantastic recipe for savory chickpea dumplings simmered in a rich curry sauce. It’s different from your average homemade Indian dinner dish, so it brings some new flavors to your table. Don’t stress if you don’t have all of the spices. While they create an authentic flavor, you can make do with what you have. You definitely need to have chickpea flour (also called Besan or Gram flour) in order to make the dish. I get mine at a local Indian grocery store, but you can find it online as well. The recipe calls for a homemade garlic ginger paste, but you can also find this in Indian…

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    Snappy Ginger Golden Milk

    There are a ton of golden milk / tumeric latte recipes out there, and honestly the majority of them are good! Once you learn the basics, you’ll realize how simple it is to make this warming and healing drink. Fresh ginger is the secret to my zippy golden milk. If you don’t already own a microplane grater, I highly recommend that you have one in your kitchen. By grating the ginger finely into the hot milk, a deep warm spicy flavor enriches the drink. The microplane keeps the fibers of the plant out, and just allows the juicy ginger pulp to go into the milk. If you don’t have one,…

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    First 3 Hours in Bangkok

    We love Bangkok. Even though neither of us had ever been to to this great city, when we arrived it certainly felt like a homecoming. As soon as we could smell the sweet South East Asia air, with all of its humidity and funk and lingering scents of something cooking in the background, we felt at peace. The reality of this being our home for the next five weeks made me swell with tears a bit. I fucking love SE Asia. We didn’t waste any time, even though we had just traveled for almost 30 hours. The flight was fine, but long as fuck, and we arrived right around dawn.…

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    Cannabis Sun Bars

    This is Phil’s original amazing recipe for cannabis sun bars. It’s definitely our favorite edible! It’s ridiculously easy to make. Just sunflower seeds, honey, cannabis and a little salt on the stove top. In no time you’ll have delightful treats that are delicious. Please be sure to try a small amount when you eat them for the first time, and of course, label them well! Print Recipe Cannabis Sun Bars Delicious and natural sunflower seed and honey snacks that are amazing when they're infused with cannabis. Prep Time 5 Minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Servings full doses Ingredients 1 1/2 Cups Raw Sunflower Seeds / unsalted 200 grams1 T Ground…

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    Tamarind Lentil Soup

    The touch that puts this easy soup in another league are two jarred Indian sauces called Tamarind Chutney and Coriander Chutney. Believe me, it’s worth keeping these condiments in your fridge! A touch of each on top of this filling stew adds a gorgeous combination of sweet/sour/spicy/salty to the rich, thick stew. Print Recipe Tamarind Lentil Soup This hearty sweet potato and lentil soup is highlighted by the addition of tamarind and coriander chutneys. Sorry about the pic. I made it at night and our lighting sucks. Course Main Dish Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes Passive Time 0 hour Servings people Ingredients 1 whole onion chopped1-2 sweet…

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    Sapa Sugarcane

    Trekking in Sapa with Su Linh was hard work! Local Hmong folks use fresh sugarcane as a way to rehydrate on hot days. Here’s Su chopping us some pieces to nosh on.

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    Running in Siem Reap Cambodia

    Siem Reap is known for its spectacular ruins, but if you’re traveling there as a runner, you’ll quickly learn that running through the relics isn’t allowed, and isn’t appropriate anyway.  And the downtown is busy and full of tourists and motorbikes and vendors, so it’s a little hard to run there too. Phil and I found a really great route that starts near the center of the city and goes down along the river, where you’ll get a much better feel for local life. ROUTE: Find Route 63, which is the major road that winds along the Siem Reap River.  Find a little bridge (there are many!) and cross over…