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    Running in Hanoi Vietnam

    I made my first trip to Vietnam in 2015 as a solo traveler. I landed in Hanoi, completely jetlagged, invigorated, and ready to take in the magic that Anthony Bourdain promised I’d experience in this rich, sultry city. It delivered. Hanoi will look chaotic to you, but as you enter its soupy dance of humanity you’ll see that it works just fine for the 7.5 million folks who call it home. There’s a flow and heartbeat to life there, and when you surrender and join in, your time there will become much easier than if you try to fight upstream. The best way to get a good, safe run in…

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    First 3 Hours in Bangkok

    We love Bangkok. Even though neither of us had ever been to to this great city, when we arrived it certainly felt like a homecoming. As soon as we could smell the sweet South East Asia air, with all of its humidity and funk and lingering scents of something cooking in the background, we felt at peace. The reality of this being our home for the next five weeks made me swell with tears a bit. I fucking love SE Asia. We didn’t waste any time, even though we had just traveled for almost 30 hours. The flight was fine, but long as fuck, and we arrived right around dawn.…

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    Sapa Sugarcane

    Trekking in Sapa with Su Linh was hard work! Local Hmong folks use fresh sugarcane as a way to rehydrate on hot days. Here’s Su chopping us some pieces to nosh on.

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    Running in Siem Reap Cambodia

    Siem Reap is known for its spectacular ruins, but if you’re traveling there as a runner, you’ll quickly learn that running through the relics isn’t allowed, and isn’t appropriate anyway.  And the downtown is busy and full of tourists and motorbikes and vendors, so it’s a little hard to run there too. Phil and I found a really great route that starts near the center of the city and goes down along the river, where you’ll get a much better feel for local life. ROUTE: Find Route 63, which is the major road that winds along the Siem Reap River.  Find a little bridge (there are many!) and cross over…

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    Running in Bangkok at Chatachak Park

    Beat the heat with a run in the park! In a crowded, hot city with a population of over 8 million people you may think your running options are limited.  But there are a few green spaces where you can escape the busy streets and congested sidewalks to enjoy a few miles (or more!) of uninterrupted running. The Chatachak Park is one of the oldest parks in the city, and proves to be one of the most beautiful for running.  It’s expanse of paved paths weave past small lakes and streams, and provide a great view of skyscrapers while remaining quiet and serene. The park is at the Mo Chit…

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    When traveling it’s great to bring running gear so you can stick to your existing training schedule, see the sites from a unique perspective, and have some time alone. If you’re heading south this winter to find some sunshine and happiness, be sure to pack some essentials to make sure your faraway runs are comfortable and fun! HYDRATION GEAR Keep in mind that the heat you’ll experience might be different than what you’re accustomed to, especially if you’re traveling from a cold location to a hot one. Here in Vermont, we have very little humidity and typically low UV index ratings. So normally, I can go without liquids for runs…