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    Your Guide to Vietnamese Coffee

    Vietnam is fueled by coffee. And it’s not just the roast that delivers a great coffee experience here, it’s the setting you’re in and the people who surround you that create memories. I’ve had the pleasure of drinking it in just about every corner of this lovely country. I’ve sat alone in front of a fire in the pre-dawn chill of a Hmong homestay in the Ta Van valley near Sa Pa, waiting patiently for the drip drip of the coffee to stop so I could enjoy my first cup of the day. I’ve been handed an icy cold milk coffee from a boat vendor at sunrise on the Bassac…

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    Running in Hanoi Vietnam

    I made my first trip to Vietnam in 2015 as a solo traveler. I landed in Hanoi, completely jetlagged, invigorated, and ready to take in the magic that Anthony Bourdain promised I’d experience in this rich, sultry city. It delivered. Hanoi will look chaotic to you, but as you enter its soupy dance of humanity you’ll see that it works just fine for the 7.5 million folks who call it home. There’s a flow and heartbeat to life there, and when you surrender and join in, your time there will become much easier than if you try to fight upstream. The best way to get a good, safe run in…

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    Sapa Sugarcane

    Trekking in Sapa with Su Linh was hard work! Local Hmong folks use fresh sugarcane as a way to rehydrate on hot days. Here’s Su chopping us some pieces to nosh on.